Economy and Energy
Year  II - N 9

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Capital Accumulation in the Brazilian Economy
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Energy Highlights
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Thursday, 19 February 2004.


Economy and Thermodynamics
Borisas Cimbleris
Professor Borisas Cimbleris is an expert on Thermodynamics and is head professor of this subject at Minas Gerais Federal University. He starts exposing his ideas on Economy and Thermodynamics in this way: An elementary definition of energy is "capacity to do work". A rough definition of money is "capacity of causing work to be done"; money ,or its equivalent, gives rise to human action.

Capital Accumulation in the Brazilian Economy
( Moving the lantern to the bow)
Omar Campos Ferreira
During the years of the "Brazilian economic miracle" the capital accumulation pattern was modified. A critical view of the opening to capital flux in the country is presented and the present trend is discussed.


Economical Growth 1997 to 2010
Carlos Feu Alvim
Our previous works showed limitations to the Brazilian growth. The model was reformulated in order to point out paths for growth. The post-Real trend aggravated the difficulties of growth. Growth is possible only by raising the internal saving and improving the capital productivity.

Brazilian Energy Balance 1998

Synopsis - 1997

Preliminar data 1997 - Beb98 Download: 48 Kb generating Excel 97
Foli_98.xls 320 Kb Excel 97

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