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Year XVI-No 84
January /Marchr 2012
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Brazil and the Ocean in the XXI Century – Second Edition: An accepted challenge!





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 Economy and Energy Organization - e&e  OSCIP 

Nº 84: January /March 2010  

IISSN 1518-2932

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Olga Y. Mafra, Frida Eidelman,

Andreza Starling, Carlos Feu Alvim and José Fantine

The intensification of competition among the big industries makes it necessary a reformulation of their organization. The enterprises satisfy their needs by acquiring goods and services from other enterprises that constitute their suppliers network. In this way the buying enterprise obtains the expertise and competence of the suppliers. In this article we present some issues relative to the management of suppliers network as well as examples of complex national and international enterprises and their operational models relative to the management of their suppliers.

Brazil and the Ocean in the XXI Century – Second Edition: An accepted challenge!

Luiz Philippe da Costa Fernandes

Executive Coordinator of Cembra

The Economy and Energy periodical has published in 2008 (issue n0 69) an article about the Independent National Commission on the Sea and the publication of the book O Brasil e o Mar no Século XXI Relatório aos Tomadores de Decisão no País (Brazil and the Sea in the 21st Century Report for the Decision Makers of the Country). In the present edition it is described how the Excellence Center for matters connected with the sea was established as well as the job relative to the second edition of the book previously published and suggested in that article.

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Monday, 08 October 2012

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