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January/March 2011

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The Question of the World, Entrepreneurial and Social Powers

Capital Productivity Using the Brazilian Agribusiness Censuses

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The Question of the World, Entrepreneurial and Social Powers

  José Fantine

Carlos Feu Alvim

The changes of different natures that are taking place in the world draw attention to power opportunities for countries, enterprises and individuals that usually occur just in periods of changes and crises.

In the last years Brazil has been vigorous regarding development and hopes. In order to have a sustainable progress, some paradigms and new important elements should be defined and discussed.

In the present article it is presented a vision focused on competition, innovation and creativity aspects as well as on social power in order to instigate reflections on entrepreneurial, political or social ways of acting aiming at the creation of national wealth.

The different transformations occurring in the different power levels are also analyzed and it is emphasized the scientific and technological race that, even though cruel for the emergent countries, is also an opportunity because everything changes continuously and those that participate in the race can reach a prominent place.

Note of the Editor:

Soon after the launching of the Real Plan, we have published the book Brasil: O Crescimento Possível (Bertrand do Brasil ,1996) where it was pointed out the Brazilian limitations to grow. Contrary to the then current optimism, we indicated as the main limitations: the capital productivity decrease, the low remuneration of our exports and the elevated net external liabilities. Unfortunately we were right and our basic hypothesis concerning economic growth rate were confirmed. We believe that Brazil is now facing a different moment when we analyze the same factors that then hindered our growth. This article - Brazil: Sustainable Growth is Possible - is the first of a series that analyzes the perspectives regarding the next years.

Text for Discussion:

Capital Productivity Using the Brazilian Agribusiness Censuses

Carlos Feu Alvim

Claudio David Dimande

Approximations regarding capital productivity using data from the IBGE Agribusiness Censuses aggregating economic activities in three groups: Agriculture, Husbandry and Others are made.

It is concluded that the capital productivity behavior in the 1970 – 2006 period has decreased both including and excluding the land factor.


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