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A Program for Capital Productivity in Brazil

Capital Productivity Indexes in the Brazilian Agribusiness

Capital Productivity in the Brazilian Electric Sector

A Note on Capital Productivity using the Brazilian Agribusiness Census

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Economy and Energy Organization - e&e  OSCIP 

Nº 77: April/June de 2010  

ISSN 1518-2932    


Workshop on Capital Productivity


A Program for Capital

Productivity in Brazil

Brazil will be facing an unusual investment effort in the next decades due, on one hand, to the deficit accumulated in the lost decades and, on the other hand, to the needs of its growing process. In order to reach the desired economic growth capital productivity, which can be defined as the GDP/capital stock ratio (Y/K), must keep growing. At the enterprise’s level, this productivity is defined as the aggregated value /productive capital stock ratio.

The insertion of the capital productivity issue in policy initiatives is justified by the interest in calculating the capital stock and productivity in the entrepreneurial evaluations. The initiatives regarding the improvement of capital productivity, on the other hand, include technological, managerial and even political-administrative innovations.

Capital productivity expansion can be the way to increase the sustained growth of the country. Larger capital productivity increases the financial return, generating more income and therefore a lower saving rate in order to increase each percent unit of the GDP.

The capital stock evaluation requires information about productivity and this is not an easy task neither at the national and sectorial level not at the entrepreneurial one. This regards evaluation of the capital goods (machines and equipment, construction, and others). It is necessary to know the historical investments and evaluation of its depreciation using a coherent methodology that permits comparisons.

The Economy and Energy Organization - e&e, is carrying out a project together with the Ministry of Science and Technology in order to diagnose and evaluate Capital Productivity in Brazil. Three exploratory studies were carried out in three sectors: electricity generation, oil exploitation and production and agriculture and cattle-raising. One of the activities foreseen in the mentioned project is the organization of a Workshop that will be held next December in Rio de Janeiro whose goal is to diagnose capital productivity in Brazil, discuss and propose the establishment of an excellence network that will be the basis of a Capital Productivity Program at the national level.


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