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July - September
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Capital Productivity too

Capital Productivity in the Oil Area in Brazil and at Petrobras

Liquid Biofuels in Brazil

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Capital Productivity as well


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Capital Productivity in the Oil Area in Brazil and at Petrobras

Capital productivity in Brazil, after decades of decline and stagnation is recovering as shown in the previous issue. In the present issue e&e analysis is concentrated on a sector of vital importance for the economical future of Brazil: petroleum.


Liquid Biofuels in Brazil


The production, supply and use of biofuels in Brazil is analyzed from the agricultural and economical points of view and the different governmental programs created as incentive to these products in the country, specially vegetal oil, are described.



Capital Productivity as well

During decades productivity was concerned with the man-power factor. Until today in Brazil whenever the subject is productivity increase in industry it is meant the reduction of working hours (and jobs reduction) by aggregated value. 

Fortunately this is changing .Now, not much in developing countries, it is more and more mentioned total-factors productivity or other more comprehensive indexes where the capital component is always present.

The OECD organization, where the institutional concern is already systematized in all member states, has recently published ”Statistics Sources & Methods, Measuring Capital-OECD Manual 2009 : Second edition”. It publishes as well capital productivity indexes of the member states for different sectors. In order to show its concern with the dissemination of techniques associated with capital productivity calculation, its manual is available free of charge at the internet.

Capital productivity has been the theme of our periodical since its first issue in 1997. This is also the research subject of the Economy and Energy OSCIP – e&e organization. This effort has now the decisive support of the Ministry of Science and Technology through a specific partnership contract.

Capital productivity in Brazil after decades of decline and stagnation has been recovering, as shown in the 73 issue of this periodical. In the present issue, the e&e analysis is concentrated on a sector of vital importance for the Brazilian economical future: oil. Petrobras’ productivity has grown in an extraordinary way in the last years and it can drive Brazil’s development. Part of this growth is due to price but the physical productivity relative to extraction has doubled. But not all news is good: costs have soared and there is much to be done in order to reduce it. This is important for both the company and the country since the higher the capital revenue the larger the possibility of re-investing it so that the new challenge, namely the pre-salt, will lead the way to national development.


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