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Productivity factor in selected countries

Total Factor Productivity in Some Countries

Brazilian Perspectives on Fissile Material Control

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Total Factor Productivity in Some Countries

Carlos Feu Alvim

The Economy and Energy Organization - OSCIP has a Partnership Contract with the Ministry of Science and Technology – MCT aiming at permitting the governmental and entrepreneurial planning and improving the use of the existing capacity that will increase economical growth and direct investments to sectors or techniques that are less capital-intensive. In 2009 different activities are being carried out in specific sectors as a function of their special characteristics. These sectors are Agribusiness and Electric Energy Generation.

In the article presented here an analysis of capital, manpower and total factor productivities are presented for three groups of countries: those that have developed in the last century, the more developed countries that managed to halt capital productivity decrease and developing countries.

Brazilian Perspectives on Nuclear Material Control

Olga Mafra, Carlos Feu Alvim, e José Goldemberg

The nuclear energy revival enjoyed in the last years stimulated by the greenhouse effect issue and by the increase of oil prices has also rekindled concerns about the safe and peaceful use of nuclear energy.

Several meetings have been organized by different foreign organizations that deal with the theme and that want to know more about the Brazilian case. The regional solution found to alleviate possible tensions between Brazil and Argentina have discouraged the possession of nuclear weapons and attracts the interest of these organizations. There is as well the interest in resuming the nuclear program both in Brazil and Argentina and the Brazilian intention of constructing a nuclear-propelled submarine. The article analyzes the Brazilian perspectives in the area.





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