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Ano XII-No 71

December 2008 - January 2009 
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Science and Technology

Logistic Analysis of the Annual Occurrence of Dengue Fever in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (1985-2008)

Economical Zoning of Hydrographic Basins Territories - Ecological Importance

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Science and Technology

Iberê Mariano da Silva

Our periodical, in its opinion article, aims at becoming a forum where different points of view can be expressed by people that are experts in their specific area. The author, who has had important roles in the technological sector of the Armed Forces considers Science and Technology as the expression of the “National Power of a Sovereign State” which is a point of view that is not often examined in the country.

Texts for Discussion

Logistic Analysis of the Annual Occurrence of Dengue Fever in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil  (1985 - 2008)

José Israel Vargas, Carlos Feu Alvim,
Omar Campos Ferreira and Pedro Maciel Corgozinho

Logistical treatment was applied by Cesare Marchetti to different social, technological and economic systems and Prof. José Israel Vargas has also applied it to various systems emphasizing Brazilian cases. This methodology, that evolved from the Volterra and Lotka analysis regarding systems of biological competition, has returned to its original field in an issue of vital importance for public health, whose interest extrapolates that of the areas’ experts.


Economical Zoning of Hydrographic Basins Territories - Ecological Importance

Paulo Pereira Martins Junior,
Omar Campos Ferreira

The article is a sequence of “Ecological Land Classification of Watersheds – Economic Importance” published in the No 69 issue of this periodical. Economic zoning is part of a process to reach a sustainable economic productivity. The sustainable notion is examined in order to integrate productions directly linked to the land and production costs aiming at integrating environmental and economic issues.

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New  Petroleum  Law: Yes, We Can !

José Fantine

The pre-salt subject is the most important economic and energy issue of this decade and surely of the next one. It is a subject that will include or exclude Brazil from the club of developed countries. As usually in an important issue, there are pressure groups that are more or less favorable to the predominance of international capital. To recognize their presence and try to identify the interest of the lobbies involved is indispensable to understand the power game already played.

Na issue that is open to debate is the strategic character or not of oil. The Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has clearly declared that the United States will consider it as a strategic issue.

The important newspaper "El Pais" has recently commented that this is a subject to be discussed between Presidents Lula and Obama in next March, 14.

Will oil be a strategic subject for Brazil or is it simply an economical resource to be quickly explored as it was made in the United Kingdom, Mexico and Argentina?


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