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August - September
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Ecological Land Classification of Watersheds -  Economic Importance

The Independent National Commission on the Oceans – a memorable experience!

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Text for Discussion / Opinion:

Ecological Land Classification of Watersheds –Economic Importance

Paulo Pereira Martins Junior, Sidney Augusto Gonçalves Rosa,

Marco Antonio Martins Cantisano, Lawrence Andrade Magalhães Gomes

In spite of the fact that ecological zoning is a well established practice, it is presented in this article in different ways that show the complexity of natural systems. It is presented with more details the group of ecological zoning as a fundamental activity and the scientific product that is essential for the environmental and economical management of watersheds and their energy production and transformation industries. Ecological Zonings – ZE-L, based on multiple sciences, therefore multi- and interdisciplinary are fundamental for environmental regional planning and for social-economical planning as part of Territorial Ordering.

The Independent National Commission on the Oceans –

a memorable experience!

Luiz Philippe da Costa Fernandes -Vice-Almirante

Stimulated by the IWCO, that considered desirable the establishment of national advisory commissions in countries that were part of it, Brazil has formed the Independent National Commission on Oceans (CNIO in Portuguese) composed of about twenty members that were part of the Brazilian maritime world, including three former Ministers and naturally scientists, diplomacy representatives, enterpreneurs linked to the area and the International Maritime Law.

In September 1998 its final report “The Ocean: Our Future” was formally approved. The CNIO has had a unique and independent role in the country but it was estinguished. We truly believe that a new Commission should be created following the same model

Furthermore, it is imperative that the report Brazil and the Sea in the 21st Century after two decades of its publication should be updated and should become available for the decision-makers.


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