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Petroleum and Gas: The Role of The State

What is Sustainable Development?

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Text for Discussion / Opinion:

 Petroleum and Gas: The Role of The State

José Fantine and Carlos Feu Alvim

The pre-salt theme is again discussed focusing on the role of the state in the Petroleum and Gas Sector. The development of the sector in Brazil is examined from the “petroleum is ours” campaign until the pre-salt was discovered. A retrospective of the world situation shows that since the beginning of last century, oil became a strategic matter for all countries and therefore the cause of actions from constituted states in the political, economical and military areas.

The matter deserves, better sooner than later, an in depth analysis of the Brazilian society and, due to its magnitude, that will deeply include public opinion. The federal government must soon assume a position about it and it is desirable that different aspects of the question will be considered. The matter has motivated the reflective efforts of the e&e staff and it is expected that other articles, not necessarily in the same sense but with the same purpose, will follow.  


What is Sustainable Development?

Leonam dos Santos Guimarães

The United Nations Organizations (UN) has created through the World Commission on Environmental and Development the Sustainable Development concept: a model that aims at satisfying the present needs without risking the capacity of future generations of satisfying their own needs, using natural resources without jeopardizing its production, using nature without devastating it and trying to improve society’s life quality. The concept is revolutionary and like all original ideas it gives rise to heated debates between government and citizens regarding how to attain this sustainability. The theme has implications for the development and the capacity of science and technology to work it out.

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