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October - November 2007

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Capital Stock in Brazil and Capital Productivity  by IBGE

Comparative  Costs of Thermoelectric Plants  and Angra 3 Plant

Revisiting Methane Concentration in the Atmosphere

The Importance of Capital Productivity to Growth

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The Importance of Capital Productivity for Growth

Capital productivity has increased in the last years in Brazil; in order to support growth it is necessary to increase the productivity gains and invest more.

Text for Discussion

Capital Stock in Brazil and Capital Productivity after the the National Accounts Revision made by IBGE

Carlos Feu Alvim , Frida Eidelman, Olga Mafra e Omar Campos Ferreira  pág.5

The changes introduced in the National Accounts have substantially modified the capital stock values in Brazil. In order to avoid  discontinuities it is necessary a "backward extrapollation" of the FBKF values regarding the years before that when the changes occurred. Furthermore, it is suggested a procedure for evaluating the capital productivity based on the quarterly IBGE values.

Revisiting Methane Concentration in the Atmosphere

Carlos Feu Alvim, Omar Campos Ferreira, José Israel Vargas...............pág. 28

The IPCC Group 1 has concluded that methane concentration in the atmosphere is practically stable, contrary to the hypothesis adopted by IPCC itself in its different scenarios regarding projections of the greenhouse effect gases. As previously shown, the reduction of methane concentration growth has been observed for more than a decade. This can be good news concerning global warming but its consequences has not yet been suficiently analyzed.


Comparative Analysis between Cost Corresponding to Thermoelectric Plants that have won the New Energy Auction of 10/16/07 and the Projected Costs for the Angra 3 Nuclear Plant

Sérgio Gonçalves Matias e Angelo Gustavo Correia Lima......................pág. 36

A comparative analysis of the two costs is presented.


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