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July 2007 
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Presentation of the Preliminary Version of Carbon Balance for Discussion

Carbon Balance

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Carbon Balance


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Special Edition: Carbon Balance


Presentation of the Preliminary Version of Carbon Balance for Discussion

            Emissions of greenhouse effect gases have attracted the growing attention of the world public opinion. Monitoring these emissions is a commitment of all countries signatories of the Kyoto Protocol even of those, like Brazil, that do not have to reduce their emissions.

The methodology of carbon accounting was developed by the Economy and Energy – e&e, Organization together with the Ministry of Science and Technology – MCT, and it is a methodological advancement in the area that uses the fact that carbon mass is conserved in nature. This methodology permits to test the consistency of emission calculations in the steps of energy production, transformation and use.

Carbon balance permits the correct carbon accounting in fuels from biomass since the absorption of the atmospheric carbonic gas by photosynthesis is recorded as negative emission in the production step that compensates the subsequent emissions in the transformation and use phases. In the case of exports of biomass compounds to be used as fuel such as alcohol, the carbon accounting considers the negative emission in the Brazilian territory.

In accordance with the transparency policy adopted by the e&e Organization relative to the studies carried out together with the MCT and aiming at its technical discussion that will precede its probable publication by the MCT, the e&e periodical is publishing the preliminary version of the Carbon Balance. Suggestions regarding the final publication should be sent to the coordination of this study.[1]

The bal_eec program that permits to obtain data from the energy balance in final and equivalent energy as well as emissions of greenhouse effect gases from energy uses in the 1970/2005 period is also available to those who are interested. The program can be downloaded from the portal; it permits the construction of tables and graphics as specified by the user.

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