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Year IX -No 60:
February 2006 - March  2007 
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Agreement Letter signed by  e&e – OSCIP, MCT and PNUD, for Evaluating Emissions Associated with the Greenhouse Effect

Analysis of Specific Problems Related to Emissions that Generate the Greenhouse Effect

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Project under Execution by OSCIP e&e:

Agreement Letter between e&e – OSCIP, MCT and PNUD for  Evaluation of Emissions Associated with the Greenhouse Effect

With the purpose of subsidizing the preparation of the National Inventory of Antropic Emissions of Greenhouse Effect Gases from the Energy Sector the OSCIP e&e MCT and PNUD have signed an Agreement Letter aiming at the Elaboration of Reference Studies for the Energy Sector (Reference Top-Down (TD) Approach, Sectorial Bottom-Up (BU) Approach) and articulation with the other studies in the energy area. The project will use resources from GEF.

Like the previous studies, the partial results will be published in this periodical. This is a way of accounting to society the resources transferred to the e&e Organization. Publishing the results permits the public control of the quality of the study.

Text for Discussion:

Analysis of Specific Problems Related to Emissions that Generate the Greenhouse Effect 
Carlos Feu Alvim, Frida Eidelman, Olga Mafra e Omar Campos Ferreira 

The Carbon Balance methodology developed by e&e to test the consistency of emission calculations regarding the use and transformation of energy has permitted to identify a series of problems that the present report is trying to solve. Some problems concerning the distinction between renewable and non renewable energy in the National Energy Balance, that is the base of emission calculations, have been equated. The analysis of Transformation Centers have permitted the introduction of important corrections in the calculation of emissions that contribute to the greenhouse effect.


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