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Year IX -No 58:
August - September 2006   
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Carbon Content in Biomass Fuel

A Model for National Development

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Texts for Discussion

Carbon Content in Biomass Fuel
Omar Campos Ferreira.

Biomass products have an important role in the Brazilian energy matrix since it represented about 30% of the primary energy supply in 2004. In the calculation of greenhouse effect gases emissions from biomass the values recommended by IPCC refer generically to liquid or solid biomass. In the carbon balance carried out by e&e it was tried to detect inaccuracies or errors in emissions calculations and some problems regarding carbon content coefficients by contained energy were detected. These coefficients concerning the main biomass energy sources used in Brazil are analyzed.

A Model for National Development
José Fantine and Carlos Feu Alvim

Brazil definitely is not a member of the rich countries group. If we wish to reach social, economical and technological wealth we must yearn for it. This is true for people and countries. We also need a new development model since presently Brazil can only strive for growing like the rest of the world. The search for technological excellence proposed by the model concerns the need of increasing the productivity of investments (of the capital stock) which the e&e studies have pointed out to be the hindrance to Brazilian development.


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