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Year IX -No 55:
– May 2006   
ISSN 1518-2932Year IX -No 55:
– May 2006   
ISSN 1518-2932

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Growth of Methane Concentration in the Atmosphere

Variation of Methane Content in the Atmosphere

Results of Macroeconomic Reference Scenario

Macroeconomic Scenario - Horizon 2026

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Figure A2: Values of methane content and average value of the annual variation that reaches a maximum point centered around 1975.

Adoption of an adjustment for the 1940-2000 period reduces the projected saturation value and anticipates the moment when the content would reach 90% of the saturation value. Results of the adjustment are shown in Figures A3 and A4

Figure A3: Adjustment of content growth for the 1940 – 2000 period relative to the average value of the previous one

Figure A4: Adjustment for the 1940 -2004 period and

projection for the methane content until 2005.


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