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February – March 2006   
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Capital Productivity

 Uranium Enrichment in Brazil: Development of Ultracentrifugation Technology

 Some Grounds that Explain the Robustness of our Commercial Balance in the Context of the Real Exchange Rate Valuation and Projections for 2006

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A collection of articles on Capital Productivity, within the series “The Future of Industry” will be published in March by the Secretariat of Industrial Technology of the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade – STI/MDIC and by the Euvaldo Lodi Institute of the National Industry Confederation -IEL/CNI.

In the foreword, Jairo Klepacz, Secretary of Industrial Technology of the Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade, calls attention to the fact that the capital productivity issue has been object of intense academic debate but it has limited practical consequences, at least in what concerns public policies. Notwithstanding, it is of fundamental interest in the process of resuming growth, specially in a context of limited savings and consequent limited capacity of investment, usual in our region. In Brazil, the productivity indexes that are periodically disseminated usually refer, as it happened in the United States, to labor productivity. Recently (November 2005), The Economist called attention to the fact that the most common way of measuring productivity is not the best one; instead of labor productivity the multi-factor (or total factor) productivity should be adopted since it takes capital productivity into account. The article reminds the investors that the return to their applications has the factors productivity as a better indicator than that of labor.

The collection gathers the following articles and their respective authors:


§          Capital productivity behavior and its influence on the growth accounting by Aumara Feu, PhD degree in Economy from the Brasilia University and  Coordinator of the Economic Affairs of the International Affairs Secretariat  – SAIN of the Economy Ministry – MF.

§          Stock and productivity of fixed capital - Brazil, 1950 - 2004 by Lucilene Morandi, researcher of the Federal Fluminense University.

§          Capital stock in Latin America: 1950-2000, Marcos Souza, PhD student at Brasilia University and analyst of the National Treasure of the Economy Ministry and Aumara Feu.

§          Capital productivity and regional development  - Mâncio Lima Cordeiro , economist, professor and President of the Banco da Amazônia S.A and Hélio Graça, professor and Executive Manager of Economic Studies of the Banco da Amazônia S.A.

§          Total productivity of factors in the Brazilian economy by Eustáquio Reis, economist of Institute of Applied Economic Research - IPEA.

§          Increase capital productivity for generating more work and more jobs with the same investiment by Carlos Feu Alvim, PhD degree in physics from the Grenoble University (France) and editor of the Economy and Energy – e&e periodical, who coordinated the collection

Information about the collection: STI/MDIC (61) 2109-7393


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