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Year IX -No 50:
June-July 2005   
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Capital Stock in Latin America: 1950-2000  

Carbon Balance in the Energy Transformation Centers


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Capital Stock in Latin America: 1950-2000  
Marcos Souza and Aumara Feu 

The capital stock is estimated according to the perpetual inventory method for Latin American countries from 1950 to 2000. The results show a significant decrease of the productivity of the capital from 1960 to mid eighties. From then on, the marginal productivity of the capital that was decreasing starts its recovery. The behavior is similar in Brazil, MERCOSUL and Latin America. If the trend is confirmed, the long run perspectives concerning growth will tend to increase.


Carbon Balance in the Energy Transformation Centers           
Carlos Feu Alvim, Omar Campos Ferreira, Frida Eidelman

Carbon balance is an important instrument to identify the emission sources of greenhouse effect gases. Since energy use and transformation are fundamental for increasing these gases in the atmosphere, the carbon balance survey can be used to identify sectors and fuels to which priority should be given regarding emissions mitigation. In the case of transformation centers (installations where primary or secondary sources are converted into sub-products or other energy form) the balance indicated some problems regarding the Brazilian inventory calculation.  Problems concerning the National Energy Balance data used here were also identified.


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