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Year VIII -No 43:
May-June 2004  
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Capital Productivity in Brazil in the XX Century

 - Annex 1: 
Results for the capital stock in Brazil by three methods
- Annex 2: Depreciation rate of the equivalent capital stock at a linear depreciation time v 

Carbon Balance

Brazil and the Additional Protocol of the IAEA

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Evaluation of Capital Productivity in Brazil in the XX Century

The capital productivity is a factor of vital importance in order to understand the reasons of the Brazilian stagnation concerning the per capita growth. New investment data made available by the IBGE in its publication “Statistics of the XX Century” permit the calculation of the capital productivity from 1920 on, pointing out the contributions of different capital goods in the public and private sectors.

- Annex 1: Results for the capital stock in Brazil by three methods
- Annex 2: Depreciation rate of the equivalent capital stock at a linear

                                           depreciation time v 

Text for Discussion:

Carbon Balance

In order to establish the carbon balance relative to emissions in the transformation centers and in the energy use it is necessary to know the carbon content in the hydrocarbons used. The difference between the high and low calorific values adopted for the fuels indicates the hydrogen content. By difference of mass, using the known densities one can obtain the carbon content.


Brazil and the Additional Protocol of the International Atomic Energy Agency Safeguards

 The media in Brazil have highlighted the pressure on the Brazilian Government relative to the inspections in the Resende enrichment plant. One should separate the pretext – access to the centrifuges – and the reason, namely the Brazilian adhesion to the Additional Protocol of the IAEA agreement or even prevent Brazil from admission to the club of countries that dominate the nuclear fuel cycle. Disarm the pretext and discuss widely the convenience of adhesion to the Protocol seems to be the best way. In a previous article (e&e 38) we discussed if the Protocol is a valid instrument for nuclear non proliferation.


New Laws to Regulate the Electric Sector

In March 15, 2004 the provisional remedies that deals with the Electric System were converted into law. The first one (10,847) authorizes the creation of the EPE - Empresa de Pesquisa Energética (Energy Research Enterprise), the second one changes the electric energy commercialization framework. The main changes introduced by the Law 10,848 are mentioned. The Portuguese full law texts are available in this site.

Text of the Laws (only in Portuguese):

10.847 (EPE)

10.848 (Electric Energy Commercialization)


Equivalent Energy and National Energy Balance Data 1970 / 2002 with 49 energy sources and 46 sectors

BEN 49 X 46: User’s Manual  Word Version
 Equivalent Energy and National Energy Balance – Excel Spreadsheets Generator


Folha de São Paulo 04/24/2004:

Ford will create 2,000 jobs in Bahia.

Ford wants to increase production in its Bahia plant from the present 130 thousand vehicles to 250 thousand ones until the end of the year, a goal foreseen for 2007. For this purpose the company decided to create a third working shift from August on. Seven hundred jobs will be produce by this new shift. The recruiting will star in the next weeks. According to the company further 1,000 jobs will be created by the 27 suppliers of parts and equipment. Additionally about 400 jobs will come from the infrastructure sector of the region such as transport, food, safety and health.

 O Globo  03/03/2004:


Gol was granted permission by the Civil Aviation Department (CAD) to transform its promotional “owl” tariff into a permanent one. After Gol, now is time for Varig and TAM to get into night flights. Both companies got authorization from the CAD to operate “owl” flights after a market demand analysis to be carried out by the Department.


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