Economy & Energy
No 40: October - November 2003 
ISSN 1518-2932

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Brazilian  Energy  Analysis  - 1970 to 2002 period

Equivalent Energy and BEB 49 X 46:
User's Manual

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Brazilian Energy Analysis–1970 to 2002 Period 

An analysis of the energy consumption and production evolution in Brazil from 1970 to 2002 is presented. The aspects concerning total primary energy supply, consumption in the different sectors per energy source as well as correlations between energy and economy are examined. The institutional evolution of the sector and its regulatory milestones are commented.

Equivalent Energy and BEB 49 X 46: User’s Manual

Economy and Energy - e&e has developed a computer program written in Visual Basic on Excel (Microsoft) spreadsheets that is at the disposal for its readers. This program permits the construction of annual tables in equivalent energy. Data from the Brazilian Energy Balance of the Ministry of Mines and Energy, more detailed than the annual publication and with data from 1970 to 2002, are also available. Several types of tables can be chosen and the user may build his/her own tables. The program can be download. The equivalent energy concept is also presented. 


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