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Economy & Energy
No 39: August-September 2003 
ISSN 1518-2932

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Utopia in the Health Area

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Economic Forecasting

Economical systems are in general less predictable than the physical, cultural, industrial and technological ones about which we have developed a forecasting methodology described in articles in previous issues of Economy and Energy. The tripod supporting this methodology is composed of the basic laws of Thermodynamics (Mass/Energy Conservation and Non-Decrease of Entropy) and Prigogine’s Theorem (assintotic approximation to states of dynamic equilibrium). Extending thermodynamic concepts to others areas of knowledge permits to forecast the behavior of systems of different natures.

Brazil – Energy in 2002

The main figures concerning the use and transformation of energy in Brazil in 2002 are presented. The relationships of these figures with the economic activity are pointed out as well.

Utopia in Health

To build a new utopia is not an easy task and should this utopia be inspiring it must be connected with our reality. In the health sector, Dr. Campos da Paz considers in his book “Tratando Doentes e Não Doenças” (Treating Sick People and not Sicknesses) considers that “one reaches reality when one is in quest for utopia”. This is what he is doing in the health area.

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