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Economy & Energy
No 37: April-May 2003 
ISSN 1518-2932

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e&e No 37

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Commercial Dollar Exchange Rate

Energy Emissions:

1 The benemis_e Program

2. Results

Annex1. Using the Program

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Commercial Dollar Exchange Rate

The commercial dollar exchange rate in Brazil in the last months has frightened the analysts. We try to represent the historical exchange rate from 1948 on in prices of January 2003. In the graphic obtained it is verified that the exchange rate of four reais per dollar has occurred in four occasions. The good news is that the previous peaks of this value lasted for a short time and the bad news is that they always marked deep crisis in the Brazilian economy.

Emissions of Greenhouse Effect Gases in the Energy Use and Transformation from 1970 to 2002.

Data from the National Energy Balance – BEN – of the period 1970/2001 and emission coefficients are used by a program named benemis-e in the Visual-Basic language on Excel spreadsheets that permits the production of emission graphics and tables in different presentations by year, by sector or by energy source.

1. The benemis_e Program

The benemis-e program uses annual spreadsheets data from BEN, denominated Annexes that consolidate for each year the balance of energy production, transformation and use in Brazil and emission coefficients supplied by the staff that elaborates the Brazilian inventory of the greenhouse effect. These coefficients are based on international recommendations and data gathered in Brazil that take into account, whenever available, the Brazilian peculiarities.

2 Results

The main results regarding gases emissions are presented in chapter 2 for the last year available (2001). Emissions of the following gases are presented: CO2, CH4, N2O, CO, NOx and NMVOCs. It is also presented for the same gases graphics and tables of the emission evolution in the 1970/2001 period by sector and by group of energy sources. Graphics and tables by activity and sector are presented for CO2.

3. How to Use the Program

A description of how to use the program is available for download.

benemis-e for download (zipped Program in Excel)

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