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Economy & Energy
No 34: October - November 2002  
 ISSN 1518-2932

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Alcohol Revisited

Potential  of Ethanol Production from Sugarcane

Former Minister Camilo Penna receives the highest decoration

Economic Growth in a Democratic and more Just Society


The President of the Republic decorates the former Minister Camilo Penna with the highest decoration

 Speech of the President of the Republic, Fernando Henrique Cardoso, in the decoration ceremony of the most excellent Mr. João Camilo Penna with the Order of  National Merit.

Ministers here present,
Ministers of the Federal Supreme Court,
Doctor Camilo Penna,
Mrs. Vera Prates Penna,

Doctor Camilo, for me it is a great honor and a high satisfaction to be here this afternoon, to publicly acknowledge on behalf of the Government and of the Brazilian people the services you have dispensed to Brazil, to Minas Gerais – those who serve Minas Gerais, serve Brazil -, to remember you career at the Vale do Rio Doce company, your continuous work in this area.

You have followed what has been happening in Brazil. Brazil has change; it has changed a lot. But at all Brazil’s moments we need your competence, your lucidity. You have never refused you collaboration, as a highly qualified person, as a recognized engineer, with precision, balance, sensitivity and simplicity, characteristics of those native from Minas Gerais. Your blend of education, professional competence, feeling and balance is a good mixture for all of us, for the whole Brazil.

Your posts throughout your career at CEMIG, at Vale do Rio Doce, at Itaipú, have really marked an extraordinary presence. I have followed – as far as a President can follow anything nowadays – your actions and your advice in various difficult moments since you were at Itaipú. We have here with us Minister Euclides Scalco who has been Chairman of Itaipú for many years. Our Minister worked at Itaipú as well. And we all know your work. And further: more recently in the difficult moments regarding the energy crisis we have requested for your advice, your knowledge. And you did not even turned down to participate in a more delicate task, namely, to participate in the Public Service Ethics Commission, a Commission that I consider mostly important because it is an effort we are making to reshape the political and administrative mores in Brazil. Even though no great noise is made, we are really creating new ways of procedure. This Commission had – had and has – a very important role not only by punishing but by prescribing  new ways of behavior, by encouraging people, by removing doubts. We have asked for the cooperation of some illustrious Brazilians, men and women, and your presence there was also remarkable.

The fact that so many of your friends (Ministers of the High Court, Minister of the present Administration, Engineers, Technicians and Officers of the Armed Forces) are assembled here demonstrates that your career has been one that has entirely covered Brazil. I think that your example should be shown to the country. That is why, with great satisfaction, that I grant you the Order of National Merit, in its highest degree, which is the highest decoration that can be granted to a Brazilian who has stand out and has rendered relevant services to the country.

I thank you for your life, your action and with all my heart I am very happy to be able to grant you this decoration.

Thank you very much.

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Thursday, 19 February 2004

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