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Economy & Energy
No 32: June - July 2002  
 ISSN 1518-2932

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e&e No 32

The New Utopia

The Brazilian  Electric System

Letter to Professor N.

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Energy and Emissions Matrix


Energy Balance 1970/2000 

Energy and Emissions Balance

Energy and Emissions Matrix 

Final Report

Executive Summary

The Brazilian Electric System

This technical note has the purpose of starting studies concerning the Program for Improving the Energy Efficiency of Systems and Equipment in the State of Minas Gerais, to be discussed by the Program Committees. The aim of the study is to present the present status of the Electric Sector in order to identify the possible improvements regarding the global efficiency, helping the implementation of the pertinent public policies. In the present work the restructuring effect on electricity generation cost is discussed. The transmission and distribution costs will be treated in other works of the present series.

The New Utopia

Ideas have changed and will change History. If ideologies are ideas transformed into dogma, then the lack of ideas means “the end of History”. Great changes in the destiny of nations were based on ideas and even ideologies. We do not want to, and we should not, go back to the past, on the opposite, we need for Brazil a new vision for the future: a new utopia.

Letter to Professor N.

Apparently that is a letter. actually it is an excuse for some reflections of a planning professional at his 63rd birthday.

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Energy Balance and Associated Emissions

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