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Economy & Energy
No 31: April-May 2002  
 ISSN 1518-2932

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e&e No 31

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Energy and Emissions Balance

Alcohol xMTBE

Resume Growing

 Public Debt and Reserves in Brazil

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Energy and Emissions Matrix


Energy Balance 1970/2000 

Energy and Emissions Balance

Energy and Emissions Matrix 

Final Report

Executive Summary

Energy and Emissions Balance

The energy policy and the control of emissions causing the greenhouse effect can be effective only with the availability of historical values that permit to learn the existing reality, identify trends and plan changes. The work presented by e&e gathers data from BEN 1970 to 200 in a Visual – Basic language on Excel worksheets that permit the retrieving of graphics and worksheets in different presentations, by year, by sector or by fuel.

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Energy Balance and Associated Emissions

BENEMIS 1970/2000 570 KB 

Energy Balance 1970/2000 ben e 205 KB

Alcohol X MTBE

The world need for creating alternatives regarding the reduction of petroleum products consumption lead to the “joint” use of oxygenated products such as alcohol and ether in driving gasoline. Among the ethers, MBTE and its similar products are those that are outstanding, having important applications in the international market from 1980 on, such as octane “magnifier” and the infusion of oxygen into gasoline. Characterized by the mandatory addition of ethanol fuel to gasoline, Brazil made possible the establishment of a competitive market between the two oxygenated products. A situation different from that found in the North American market where the autonomy of the different member states permitted the fierce competition among the groups responsible for the supply of both products. The participation of Brazil in these markets is discussed. 

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