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No 29: December 2001- January 2002   ISSN 1518-2932

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Energy and Emissions Matrix

Energy and Emissions Matrix 
Preliminary Edition

The Macroeconomic Scenario

Energy Matrix 1970/2000

Energy Matrix  2000/2020

Energy Emissions Matrix 

Sectorial Emissions

Commercial, Public and Other Services 

Argentine Crisis:

Argentina has Weight 

An Alternative for Argentina



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Energy Emissions Matrix and the Energy Matrix

We have the pleasure to present to our readers the Energy Emissions Matrix and the Energy Matrix in a preliminary edition. We believe that the results presented here are a good indication of the energy demand and emissions for the 2000/2020 period. Rather than the results, e&e  is providing the Brazilian society a transparent and versatile methodology to deal with a fundamental problem concerning the well being of society and the development of the country.

 Executive Summary of the Matrix Final Report

Summary of the premise and results of the Energy Emissions Matrix – that includes the Energy Matrix. We present the results of the present run. Although the work had the support of MCT, the results presented are of the entire responsibility of e&e and do not reflect the Ministry’s point of view.  

Text in Word of the Executive Summary for download (only in Portuguese)

Final Report: Full text in Word for download (only in Portuguese)

Special Argentine Crisis :

Argentina has Weight

Argentina has weight to overcome the crisis. For this purpose it must break a vicious circle that put it in the present situation.

An Alternative to Argentina

We dare to suggest an alternative to the Argentine crisis which is the result of a long examination of and reflection on the situation of that country. Our suggestions for a plan that could be called S Plan or Convertibility Plan 2.

e&e follows with special interest the Argentine situation that has shown itself as a precursor of many recurrent moves in Brazil. Actually, in order to prevent taking the same path, we should learn with the crisis that affected our neighbor. 

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Sectorial Module of the e&e Energy and Emissions Matrix

We continue presenting some sectorial results of the e&e Energy and Emissions Matrix together with MCT. The projection of this Matrix, using a scenario for the GDP, permits to build a scenario for the participation in the GDP of the main economic sectors. The historical evolution of Brazil and of other countries is used to evaluate the future participation. Basic values to be used in the projection reference scenario are supplied. Then the energy demand is projected, based on extrapolation of Equivalent Energy/Product coefficients. The participation of energy sources is projected, based on historical values and by comparison with other countries. The values are converted to Final Energy and the emissions originating the greenhouse effect are calculated using coefficients supplied by MCT. Projections are for the 2000/2020 period.

In this issue we present results for: 

Commercial Sector and Other Services (except transport)

Sectorial Emissions : FULL TEXT FOR DOWNLOAD (only in Portuguese)

Download  Energy Balance and associated Emissions  BENEMIS 1970/2000
 BENEMIS explanatory text

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