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No 29: December 2001- January 2002   ISSN 1518-2932

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Argentina has Weight 

Carlos Feu Alvim


Argentina has 12% of South America’s territory and is the eighth largest country in the world, with large cultivated or cultivable areas. The Spanish-speaking countries represent half of  South America’s territory and half of its GDP and Argentina is the largest of them and therefore is the co-leader of the region. Argentina has about 40% of its trade with its South America neighbors and more than 20% with Europe.

Its fundamental cultural links are with its neighbors and with the Iberian peninsula and consequently with Europe. As well as its commercial links. Argentina has respectable scientific, cultural and political assets of which 5 Nobel Prizes are just an example.

Argentina had, for 10 last years, a stable monetary reference after ten year of convertibility practice. While its neighbor Brazil has created during some time a value reference unit (URV) so that minds would be fixed in a local reference, Argentineans have already their prices associated with a fixed reference.

Argentina is self-sufficient in what concerns food and energy and the industrial and technological base that remained and that has been modernized is still sufficient to assure basic equipment. Argentina has most of  the temperate land of a continent that is otherwise tropical or has the stretched Andes. It will always have what to exchange with its neighbor, be it goods, tourism or any other economic goods due to its geographic, technological and cultural conditions. This applies as well to the world.

Argentina is not an island that would have difficulties to resist to an eventual economic boycott which, besides being of interest to practically no one abroad – considering the riots in the continent and in the world -, provokes the present crisis.  

Argentina should not fear the flight of capital. The first reason is because it has already mostly occurred. The second reason is that it is of interest to Argentina the national capital and that which is here or came to stay in the long and medium term. The purge of speculative capital of any origin can only make it good. On the other hand, Argentina has productive national capital abroad that would be invested in the country if that turns out to be better than speculating.

Finally, Argentina has resources to pay all its foreign debts (even the illegitimate one). Argentina only needs reasonable time and reasonable interest rates.

Argentina could not eternally have a sub-currency because it is not a sub-country.

Argentina has weight, Argentina has the peso(*)

Carlos Feu Alvim

(*) Peso means weight in Spanish

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Tuesday, 11 November 2008.

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