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Investments are Lacking and not only in Energy 

Energy Planning X
Economic and Social Development 

Sectorial Module of e&e’s Energy and Emission Matrix 

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Energy and Emissions Matrix

Investments are Lacking and not only in Energy 

The collapse that hit the electric sector, as we already have indicated when we commented the crisis in our previous issue, is only one of the aspects of lack of investments that has been limiting our growth since the beginning of the nineties. Electricity is lacking, in some cities water is lacking and the road network does not bear the vehicle fleet growth. The production growth cannot be adequately distributed.

Energy Planning 
 Economic and Social Development 

The expansion of energy supply cannot be planned for the next elections or to satisfy vanities, it must be planned for the next generations. The implementation of large electrical projects can cover periods equivalent to three mandates. In this context, the Decennial Plan for Electric Energy Expansion, annually updated, has been the official instrument for communicating the forecasts of electricity demand and offer. 

Sectorial Module of e&e’s Energy and Emission Matrix

 The Sectorial Module, part of the projection of the Energy and Emission Matrix carried out by e&e, using a scenario for the GDP, permits to evaluate the participation of the main sectors of the economy in the GDP. The historical evolution of Brazil and that of other countries are used to evaluate the future participation. Basic values to be used in the projection in the reference scenario are supplied.

Some Relevant Information  about Brazilian Electric Energy Crisis 

National Interconnected System – SIN  Reservoirs

Daily situation of the main reservoirs. Values of the Electric System National Operator  - ONS 

Electrical Energy Crisis Management Chamber 

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