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No 26 - June - July 2001   ISSN 1518-2932

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e&e  No 26

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The Electric Energy Crisis: Causes and Solutions

Minimizing the Negative Effects of Electrical Energy Rationing

Aggregated Value by Sector and Electricity Consumption

The Energy Phenomenon

How to handle the “Year After”

About our Residential Bills (only in Portuguese)

Public Debt and Brazilian Reserve

Infome Político e Econômico no Brasil (em espanhol)

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Energy Matrix


Energy Rationing and e&e

Electric energy rationing, as intensive as it will be implanted in Brazil, besides climatic factors, results from failures both at the Electrical System, in different aspects, and at the governmental coordination, since it is the duty of the National State to guarantee the energy supply. In our opinion, the electrical energy deficit is inserted in the investment deficiency that we have pointed out as the major hindrance to the Brazilian economic growth. Regardless of what share of guilt may be ascribe to the present administration and to the implanted system itself, the Nation is interested in finding the means to minimize the consequences of the current crisis.

In this issue we try to present some suggestions aiming at cooperating to solve the problem. It will be a dynamic edition in which we will be adding our contributions. We also invite our readers to manifest their opinions in our guest book.  

The Electric Energy Crisis: Causes and Solutions

João Antonio Moreira Patusco, who has been coordinating the elaboration of the National Energy Balance BEN/MME for 25 years, shows with data from the Balance the predictability of the crisis, expresses his concern about the Energy Sector planning and suggests corrections.

Minimizing the Negative Effects of Electrical Energy Rationing

Aggregated Value by Sector and Electricity Consumption

Energy consumption by product unity is very different among the sectors. There is a limit value for the energy use reduction in a production unit where the corresponding economic activity is simply suppressed and with it, the value it aggregates to the GDP. If the energy cut off does not take into account this fact, there will be a reduction in the economic activity in the same proportion as the electrical energy supply reduction.

  The Year After

... or the need of an Energy Mobilization Plan to guard against the risk of a new crisis in 2002

Year 2002 will start with a larger risk of supply shortage than that of 2001. A series of measures are necessary to move away the risk of a new ration.

The Energy Phenomenon

Energy is the vital force of the human being and of humanity. Hence the comprehensiveness of terms like energy and energetic which, besides their basic meaning, comprise as well the ideas of dynamism, firmness, vigor, moral and physical strength, etc.  

 About our Residential Bills (only in Portuguese)

In order to discourage consumption, the Government has established a progressive consumption scale that combined with a premium for the classes that consume less, aims at containing the use of electricity. Verify how your bill will be. Download Excel. eee luz.xls file

The bonus offered does not corresponds to the original idea , namely, 1R$ that is saved will result in  a 1 R$ discount

   The Greenhouse Effect and fuel Consumptionx

Concurrently with the rationing question, we continue to present the progress made regarding the emission matrix  

50 Years ago: Council extends electric light rationing

I belong in the time when the samba affirmed :”Rio de Janeiro a city that seduces me, during the day there is no water, at night there is no light”. Now I have the proof in the 06/21/51 issue of “O Globo”.

Yesterday’s session of the Water and Electric Energy National Council was entirely dedicated to the analysis of the report about the prolongation of rationing requested by LIGHT. The latter asked for not only six months more of restriction but also the  re-establishment of a more drastic regime, alleging  the situation demanded all precautions. In this particular point, it insisted that the 10% tolerance towards consumers displayed by February’s Resolution No. 1 should be abolished. The plenary session has decided to extend the rationing until the last day of the year and did not suspend the tolerance limit (Attention: at that time LIGHT was not French, it was Canadian…or was it English?). Carlos Feu Alvim

Some Relevant Information ONS’s Page ; The Electric System National Operator has considerably amplified the information available in its Internet page. It is certainly a positive step towards transparency of data that it offers to those interested, provided that it is maintained updated.

Operation Bulletin

Daily and weekly information regarding the system operation.

Operation Managerial Synthesis

Summarized panorama of last week and forecast for the following one.

Daily Follow up of Hydro-energy Operation

Main results of reservoirs operation and management of SIN’s hydro-energy reserves

Operation Monthly Program – PMO

Data and guidelines of PMO as of June/2001.

Present Energy Planning

Tariff Simulation

Tariff simulation of transmission use

National Interconnected System – SIN  Reservoirs
Daily situation of the main reservoirs. Values of the Electric System National Operator  - ONS  

Plan for Consumption Reduction and Increase of Energy Offer

(ANEEL Page)  

Provisional Order no 2,148-1 of 05/22/2001– Establishes and installs the Electrical Energy Crisis Management Chamber of the Government Council and sets guidelines for programs aiming at facing the electrical energy crisis and other provisions. It substitutes Provisional Order no 2.147 of 05/15/2001Published by the Official Newspaper in 05/16/2001


Decree no 3,818 of 05/15/2001 – Disposes about emergency measures for the electrical energy consumption in the Federal; Public Administration. Published in the Official Newspaper in 05/16/2001.logo_eb_top.gif (3641 bytes)

Electrical Energy Crisis Management Chamber

Resolutions  Resolutions of the Electrical Energy Crisis Management Chamber


North Subsystem


Southeast System


Northeast System


South System


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