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No 19 - April/May 2000

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Macroeconomic Model
Gasoline Addition and PROALCOOL
Energy Sector

The Simplified Macroeconomic Model - e&e Project (PROJETAR e&e)-. Application to the Next Two Decades

The e&e team developed a macroeconomic growth model to be used coupled with other applications. A reference calculation run indicates a perspective of GNP growth around 3% annually for the next two decades. Nevertheless, this growth depends on the recovery of external savings. The creation of this scenario is described step by step using a computer program. The model is based on that presented in the book Brasil: O Crescimento Possível.

Addition of Oxygenated Compounds to Gasoline and the PROALCOOL Experience

It is tried to rethink the present situation regarding the fuels used in the country, specially the addition of oxygenated compounds. For this purpose it is carried out a bibliographic revision and a historical profile of the attempts to use alternative fuels as well as the policy aiming at reducing fossil fuel consumption by mixing alcohol fuels and other similar ones.

Energy Sector - 1999 Highlights

Information from the Ministry of Mines and Energy about the Energy Sector in 1999 and the business opportunities for the year 2000.

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Other Issues

Year III - No 18 January-March 2000

Energy Final and Equivalent - Simplified Procedure for Conversion
Energy: A New Era 
Sarah Network and Health

Year III - No 17 November-December
Main Page
Emission of  Thermo-electric
Power Plants

Is The Consumer Earning Market Power in Electric Sector?
Petroleum  And Natural Gas In Espirito Santo
Year III - No 16 September-October 1999
Main Page
End of Modernity?
Equivalent Energy and GNP
Brazilian Energy Balance 1999
Year III - No 15 July-August 1999

Main Page
Exchange Policy
Perspectives of the Industry Brasileira
Vínculos e&e

Year III - No 14 May/June 1999

Main Page
New Petroleum Era
Brazilian Energy Sector 1998/1999
Brazilian Energy Balance

Year III - No 13 March/April 1999

Main Page
The Structure of the Crisis
Privatization in the Energy Area
Energy Equivalence Coefficients
Glossary of Energy

Year III - No 12 Jauary/February 1999

Main Page
Brazilian Energy Matrix
Optimism in Times of Crises
Exegertic Analysis of  Agriculture

Ano II - No 11 November/December 1998

Main Page
The regulating state in ES
The Non-Governmental Organization e&e
Eletricity in Brazilian Energy Balance
Insolvency in the Enterprises and Public Debt
Brazilian Energy Balance 1998

Year II - No 10 September/October 1998

Main Page
Bolivia- Brazil Gas Pipeline
Useful Energy Balance
The Brazilian Crisis
Thermoelectric Power Station in the north of Espirito Santo
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Year  II - N° 9 July/August/1998

Main Page
Capital Accumulation in the Brazilian Economy
Economical Growth 1997 to 2010
Energy Highlights
Economy and Thermodynamics
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Year  II - N° 8 May/June/1998

Main Page
Energy Sector - Institutional Organization
Brazil in Kyoto
Camilo Penna
Inside a real Brazil
Letter from Espirito Santo’s Energy Chamber
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Year II - No 7 Mar/Apr/1998

Main Page
Efficiency of the Internal Combustion Engine
Sales and Fleet of Otto Vehicles in Brazil
Energy Sector Highlights in 1997
How to Increase the Capital Productivitys)

Year II - No 6 Jan/Feb/1998

Main Page
Energy Project of ES
The Invisible Debt
Otto Cycle Demand
Brazilian Public Debt
e&e team
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Year  I  - No 5 Nov/Dec 1997

Main Page
Biomass and Eletric Generation
Brazilian International Reserves
Energy: Social and Economical Aspects
e&e Team
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Year  I  - No 4 Sep/Out 1997

Main Page
Oil Depletion
Brazilian Debt
Cogeneration in ES
e&e Team
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Year 1-No3 Jul/Aug 1997

Main Page
Economic Alchemy
Energy Sector highlights
Brazilian Proposal for Kyoto
BEB 1997
e&e Team
Ano1-No2 Abr/Mai 1997

Entropia e Economia
Energia no ES
Balanço Energético
Equipe e&e
Year 1, No 1, February-March 1997

Capital Productivity
Brazil and Climate Change
Depletion of the World Oil Reserves
Unstable Balance
National Capital
Who we are
Year 1, No zero, December, 1996

Public Deficit
Limits to Competence
Who we are