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Year II - No 10

September/October 1998

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Monday, 03 November 2008.

Bolivia-Brazil Gas Pipeline

Maria de Fatima Salles Abreu Passos

A project, which is almost one century old, is becoming a reality and is one important milestone in the energy integration of Latin America. The basis of the pipeline project is the buy and sell contract between YPFB and Petrobrás signed in August 1996 , in which YPFB undertakes to sell and Petrobrás undertakes to buy increasing quantities of gas, starting with 8 million m3 / day, attaining 16 million m3/day in the eighth year. This project is part of the policy to increase the participation of natural gas in the Brazilian energy matrix.

Thermoelectric Power Station in the north of Espirito Santo

Genserico Encarnação Júnior

Escelsa and Petrobrás have agreed with almost everything in order to construct as partners the first large thermoelectric power plant in Espirito Santo. By the agreement, Escelsa will be responsible for supplying all the money and Petrobrás would supply natural gas during 15 years. In times of crisis, Escelsa has asked for a longer time schedule and it is looking for new partners for the business, which is viable and important for Espirito Santo State.

Useful Energy Balancel - MME

The Useful Energy Balance – BEU, edited by the Ministry of Mines and Energy (elaborated by FDTE) presents energy data for 1993 by sector, use, source and efficiency and constitutes and important tool for planning and evaluating the energy policy. This second version – the first one refers to 1983 – incorporates also a forecast model for energy saving potential. Besides the summary, included in the BEB, the MME puts the files at the disposition of e&e  readers for download (download only in Portuguese).

Crisis, Debts, Economy Measures, Plans and Inflation

Carlos Feu Alvim

A brief summary of the Brazilian economy can be made with the historical values of inflation, interests, debts and reserves. The economy measures and plans and their confiscation. The buildup of internal debt that is being converted into external debt by the Brazilian crisis.

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