Economy & Energy
Year II - No 7

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Monday, 21 July 2003.


Efficiency of Internal Combustion Engine
Omar Campos Ferreira

Internal combustion engine has been developing pari passu with petroleum extraction and refining technology. It is tried to evaluate up to what point the efficiency could be increased, what would represent a gain in petroleum saving and pollution control and reduction of the greenhouse effect.

Energy Sector Highlights in 1997 and Business Oportunities
Production: Ministry of Mines and Energy
Contacts: João Antônio Moreira Patusco

The main facts related to the energy sector in 1997 are presented and the business opportunities are commented

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How to increase the Capital Productivity
Carlos Feu Alvim

The capital productivity is declining in Brazil. As capital is the input that strangles the economic growth in Brazil it is discussed how to increase this productivity. It is questioned the priority given to manpower productivity in detriment to the global one.

Sales and Fleet of Otto Vehicles in Brazil

Carlos Feu Alvim,
Antônio Josá Guimarães de Oliveira e
José Antônio Silvério

The evolution of the fleet of cars and trucks, essentially Otto cycle vehicles, in Brazil is described. The sales in the last years seem to indicate a new plateau for the fleet. The evolution of this fleet would imply a significant decrease of vehicle sales in the next years unless the renovation and aging pace of the existing fleet should be accelerated.