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  Year  I  - No 4
Sep/Out 1997

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Economic Data

WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Brazilian Central Bank
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) IBGE - Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Economic Links of the  Brazilian Economy Ministery
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Economic Data BID
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Global Data about Latin America Countries - University of Texas
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Argentina: Economic Data - Ministery of Economy (Excel)
    Economic News Argentina
WB01542_.gif (729 bytes) Mexico: Economic Indicators

Energy Data

Brazilian Energy Balance1996 - Ministry of Mines and Energy - e&e N?2
Brazilian Energy Balance 1997 Preliminar Data - Ministry of Mines and Energy- e&e N?3

Casilla_verificacionF244.gif (662 bytes)New Energy Balance 1997 (only in Portuguese) MME (soon in English)
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Brazilian Economic Situation

IPEA - Publications from Instituto de Pesquisa Econ?ica (Institute of Economic Research - Brazilian Planning Ministry)