Economy & Energy
Year 1, No 1, February-March 1997

In this Issue:

Introduction e&e what it is and what’s its purpose
Capital Productivity
Carlos Feu Alvim
The fall of capital productivity is pointed out as the main limitation to the world economy growth, including that of Brazil. Here as elsewhere it is necessary to invest more in order to grow.
Brazil and Climate Change
José Domingos Gonzalez Miguez
The Brazilian effort to fulfill its commitments with the Convention on Climate Change.
Depletion of the World Oil Reserves
Omar Campos Ferreira
An assessment of the strategic issue about evolution of the world oil reserves is presented.
Unstable Balance
Genserico Encarnação Jr
After accomplishment of half of Fernando Henrique Cardoso (FHC) administration, the author presents a brief analysis of this period.
National Capital
Carlos Feu Alvim
There is no developed country without universal basic education, public and free and predominant presence of national capital in the economy.
Who we are A brief summary of the curricula of e&e’s staff