Economy & Energy
Year 1, No zero, December, 1996

In this Issue:  
Introduction e&e what it is and what’s its purpose
or playing with logistic functions
Omar Campos Ferreira
What will the Brazilian population be within one hundred years? What is the hydroelectric capacity to be installed in Brazil?
It is shown how it is possible to calculate quantitatively these and other phenomena.
Public Deficit
Genserico Encarnação
The form of calculating the public deficit is discussed. The indexes and methodologies are not exempt of ideological bias.
Limits to Competence
an analysis of Petrobras' strategies
Genserico Encarnação
Petrobras’ competence will be measured according to new rules that command deregulation and monopoly abolition. Petrobras’ current strategy is analyzed.
Who we are A brief summary of the curricula of e&e’s staff